Furniture for the entire world

MIRJAN24 has been creating a contemporary image of the furniture industry for over 31 years. The beginnings of the company are the production of upholstered furniture. Today, in addition to production, the company also operates MIRJAN24 Internet shops and an advanced furniture distribution network, which covers entire Europe. Get to know us closer and build with us the future of the furniture industry.

Furniture for the entire world

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-01- Production

The foundations of the MIRJAN24 brand is the production of upholstered furniture, which has been continuing since 1993. Within this segment of the company, 85,000 upholstered furniture is produced on an annual basis. The furniture production sector employs 120 people, which is 1/3 of the total employment in MIRJAN24 company, and the production hall covers the area of as much as 5000 m2, ensuring safe and comfortable performance of work.

Among the produced models, one can find bestsellers, e.g. Tony corners or Lena sofa, as well as novelties, e.g. Alvin corner sofa, which presents a modern and innovative approach to upholstered furniture. Fashionable furniture design, which perfectly fits into the current interior design trends and high quality components, translate into the growing popularity of MIRJAN24 upholstered furniture and the recognition of customers from across Europe.

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-02- Wholesale

The furniture industry is no secret to us, as we have been involved in it for 31 years. And the experience gained allows us to develop further sectors of the company. One of them is the wholesale of furniture. As part of the wholesale process, we offer over 70 000 selected products, which are obtained from over 100 best and proven manufacturers.

The offer includes, among others, furniture systems for the living room, bedroom and youth room, we also offer modular furniture for the kitchen and have a large offer of upholstered furniture.

By establishing cooperation with MIRJAN24, you gain attractive pricing conditions, collection of furniture in one place and comprehensive sales and marketing support. As part of the cooperation you will receive an interior design with products, technical drawings of products and films in 360 technology.

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-03- E-commerce

In MIRJAN24 shops you will find everything you need for a beautiful and functional home.

The dynamic development of the Internet, which resulted in Internet sales, allowed for the creation of MIRJAN24 stores in Poland, Germany, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Our range of home and apartment products is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for easy and trouble-free purchases.


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-04- Wholesale of textiles

MIR-TEX24 fabric wholesaler was established in response to the demand for good quality fabrics and upholstery articles not only from the local market, but also from the European one. Our history dates back to 1996, when we started our business by offering a wide range of Finnish racks. Today our assortment is based mainly on high quality fabrics, used for the production of upholstered furniture, curtains or textiles. We have an online shop where one can quickly, easily and precisely buy attractively priced fabrics from as little as 1 linear metre, without having to visit our stationary shop.

The fabrics in the MIR-TEX24 online shop are carefully selected and described in detail, making the selection much easier!

The assortment available in MIR-TEX24 is constantly being expanded, so you are sure to find something suitable for you.

In the online shop as well as in the stationary fabric wholesaler we offer professional advice, quick processing of orders and attractive prices, guaranteeing satisfaction of our customers.

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-05- Logistics

We constantly make sure that the products ordered by our customers are always delivered on time, ensuring the highest quality of service. We maintain full control over the implementation process - from the order placement date to a safe delivery. Our specialized and reliable team of logistics specialists takes care of customer satisfaction, improving the service process. We keep our customers constantly informed about the status of the order and its completion date. Satisfaction is our priority!

Out of concern for safety, comfort and efficiency, we have enriched our fleet with modern vans, which significantly increases the quality of our services, while taking care of the environment. We have over 180 cars equipped with innovative solutions, minimizing the adverse impact of exhaust fumes on the environment and reducing fuel consumption.

The MIRJAN24 transport network enables us to deliver on an every day basis several thousand orders from different corners of the world in a fast and safe way, while ensuring 100% satisfaction of our customers and contractors.

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