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In 2012, MIRJAN24 took up the "E-commerce" challenge by opening its first online store. In retrospect, you can see that it was not just a challenge. E-commerce introduced new capital, new experience and became another stable pillar of the company. Today, within the MIRJAN24 group, we have 6 own stores in Poland and Europe.

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Inspired by the desire to create a safe and customer-friendly platform, offering comprehensive home and apartment furnishings at the most attractive prices, we have successfully expanded our current activities to include the e-commerce sector.

Many years of experience have allowed us to appear in the chain as a strong brand and a thriving network, which today, under a common logo, the group already links 6 stores. The furniture we offer is popular in other countries, thanks to which we grow in strength and gain an appetite for more.

MIRJAN24 online shops


Mirjan24.pl is the first online store that was opened in 2012. The website is currently visited by nearly 100 000 people per month! Customers appreciate MIRJAN24 for its wide offer and fast delivery, which is carried out in their own vans. Quick processing of orders is possible thanks to two warehouses with top products.


The MIRJAN24 brand has been present on the German market since 2016. Since the very beginning we have focused on high product availability and fast delivery. Thanks to the constantly growing fleet of trucks and vans, nowadays we can deliver to the customers in Germany the furniture ordered online in up to 5 days.


The online shop butor-mirjan24.hu has been offering high quality furniture to Hungarian residents since 2014, delivered by own free transport. It has a warehouse in Törökbálinton where you can pick up the ordered products without any problems and save 10%.


Mobilier-mirjan24.ro is an online furniture store operating since 2018 in Romania. It has its own warehouses, located in Târgoviște and Baia Mare. It offers delivery by its own transport within 24 hours in and around Bucharest.


In the Czech Republic the online shop was opened in 2013. Our experience has resulted in the dynamic development of the purchasing platform and a gradual shortening of product delivery time. Brand recognition is also supported by our own fleet of trucks and vans with the common MIRJAN24 logo.


The MIRJAN24 online store in Slovakia was established in 2014, where it was very well received by the local customers. The advantage of the shop is a large database of products, which are delivered within 10 working days. Delivery by own transport is also a way to reduce the percentage of complaints, due to damage during delivery.

Success has many fathers, and above all it is determined by the commitment and effort of an efficient team of employees put into customer service and continuous work on improving the quality of the offered services.

In one place we combine our love for beautiful objects, which we would like to surround ourselves with every day. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality products at the best prices. That is why we focus on making the purchasing process as simple as possible by providing an efficient and intuitive platform.

Our warehouses

MIRJAN24 Logistics Center - Mroczeń

Mroczeń 25, 63-604 Baranów, Poland

The modern MIRJAN24 logistics center is an extensive complex. The facility, covering an area of approximately 30,000 sq m, enables quick and efficient deliveries. The large-scale high-storage center houses several dozen thousand products. A constantly stocked database is the starting point for efficient order processing. Additional pillars are a strategic location, an extensive fleet of trucks and delivery vehicles, and professional logistics services.

The complex also includes office space. The 5,000 m2 glass building houses offices and conference rooms that enable the organization of training and business events.

Warehouse in Bucharest

Strada Constructorilor 10, Targoviste, Dambovita, 130086, Romania

The warehouse located in Bucharest makes the order processing smooth and trouble-free. Thanks to its over 1400 sq. m. area, the furniture can be easily stored, and its employees take care of timely completion of orders coming from the south of the country

Warehouse in Baia Mare

Str. Fabricii, No. 7A Baia Mare, Maramures, Romania

The warehouse space in Baia Mare serves orders coming from the north of the country, the centre, as well as the east and west of Romania.

Its area reaches almost 2500 m2, allowing for safe storage of products available in the online store, guaranteeing efficient order processing.