We are aware of how logistics affects the functioning of modern companies that strive to develop and optimize costs. MIRJAN24 company has been connected with logistics since the beginning of its activity, because one of the first investments of the company was the purchase of vans, which were used to deliver upholstered furniture to the customers in Poland and in our neighbors abroad.


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-05- Fleet

As of today, we have 200 vans in our delivery fleet. It consists of: BUS, TIR and truck-type cars. BUS type cars perform orders placed by individual customers in our online shops. We offer very short delivery times, which require efficient and organized logistics. Arranging short-distance routes with a large number of points is an invaluable experience for every planner.

The second part of the fleet is made up of trucks, intended for distribution and long-distance transport. And it includes 100 Mercedes-Benz vehicles, 20 of which are new Actros, which are equipped with cameras instead of mirrors, an intuitive dashboard, an ADA electronic system, and an improved braking and cruise control system.

MIRJAN24 with TCC Elite certification

The TCC Elite certificate is a prestigious distinction for companies that provide transport services. To obtain the TCC Certificate, the company must meet 20 criteria in terms of safety and quality of the provided transport services. The examined areas include:

  • scope of insurance cover
  • condition of the carrier's fleet
  • truck monitoring (telematics system)
  • carrier's reputation
  • compliance with legal requirements

It is with great satisfaction that we can declare that in 2020 MIRJAN24 company received the TCC Elite Certificate.

A team of logistics workers and drivers

However, the greatest value of logistics are people who have the right qualifications and experience. Within our team there are 7 logisticians who plan and optimize routes. Thanks to them our cars can serve their own shops and many contractors. MIRJAN24 brand also has more than 100 best and reliable drivers at its disposal, who take care to deliver the ordered products safely and on time.

Logistics is an inseparable part of an efficient company, which we have been experiencing every day for more than 31 years, based on our own and our contractors' examples. Your company can also benefit from our experience, the best vans and specialized personnel. Establish cooperation with us and take advantage of our numerous facilities as our new contractor.