In the recent years, the production of upholstered furniture in our company has increased almost fivefold - all thanks to the continuing modernisation and upgrading of the production line. Qualified and experienced staff always strive to achieve the highest quality products within the strict deadlines.


0 km of fabrics are used for production during the year

We employ over 0 workers

We produce 0 upholstered furniture per year

-01- Manufacture of upholstered furniture

The MIRJAN24 company has been specializing in the production of upholstered furniture since 1993, thus confirming that the production sector is a stable foundation of the company. Moreover, the upholstered furniture produced for 31 years is the best showcase of the company.

The furniture making process is facilitated by a modern production hall, and its final stage is a reliable quality control, conducted by qualified employees. At the stage of the development of a sofa or a corner sofa, you cannot omit the best upholsterers in their profession, who have been connected with the company for even several years.

Moreover, 120 people work in our manufacturing sector, which is about 1/3 of all our employees.

A modern approach to furniture design

The production success consists of several elements, but the most important one is the maintenance of high quality, which is appreciated by numerous contractors and individual customers. Another important factor is to watch the market and offer products that are in line with the current interior design trends.

The accurate observation of trends gave rise to such products as Tony's corner sofa or Lena's sofa, which have found recognition not only in Poland but also in the whole Europe. Similar success is likely to be achieved by the Alvin corner sofa, which was designed for people who value minimalism and innovative solutions.

Tony Corner, Alvin and Lena sofas are just a few of the models in our offer, under which you can find 85,000 models of upholstered furniture every year.