Furniture for the entire world

The furniture industry is no secret to us, as we have been involved in it for 31 years. And the experience gained allows us to develop further sectors of the company. One of them is the wholesale of furniture. Our offer includes over 50 000 products, but that's not all we have to offer.

Furniture for the entire world

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-02- Wholesale

Based on many years of cooperation with individual and wholesale customers, we offer you, above all, a reliable business partner, as well as a wide range of furniture, accessories and home accessories in many designs and styles.

If you run a stationary store or are developing your business online, you can join more than 31 of our partners, gain professional support in the B2B branch and access more than 50 thousand products from over 100 brands valued in the market.

Thanks to advanced technological solutions in our service you can easily find products such as upholstered furniture, tasteful collections for the living room and youth room, as well as bathroom furniture sets, wardrobes and modular kitchens. We offer you modern, yet simple solutions that meet the tastes of even the most demanding customers.

Stock availability

Through cooperation with us you gain access to a comprehensively prepared product database with all the necessary materials for resale. Among other items, you will be able to benefit from professionally produced product photos, modern arrangements, assembly instructions and available price lists. For your convenience, we keep our stock up-to-date and prepare all the products you choose according to the specified order lead time.

Refined logistics solutions and a delivery system enable us to prepare a comprehensive range of products available as quickly as within 48 hours. The backbone of efficient distribution is a modern logistics centre and a large-scale high-bay warehouse. Our warehouse network across several European countries allows us to constantly reduce order waiting time.

Favourable pricing conditions

Many years of experience in the B2B industry confirms that we know how important it is to show a flexible approach towards pricing conditions. Therefore, by choosing to cooperate with us on a long-term basis, you have the opportunity to fully customize your offer, obtain additional discounts and negotiate preferential conditions at every stage of the partnership. You can also take advantage of a special offer for selected products. To determine the scope and detailed financing rules, contact us.

MIRJAN24 also means numerous promotions and price reductions for a selected assortment. We also provide you with a cost-effective outlet, including sales items, collection tips and production surpluses. You can always negotiate costs for large orders. Our clear rules regarding the price policy guarantee understanding and satisfaction of both parties.

Full technical support

The success of your business is our priority, so you can always count on professional help from IT specialists. We take care of your comfort and our mutual good relations, so you can be sure that every technical problem will be solved quickly and effectively. Our goal is development, that is why we are constantly improving, and using many years of experience, we provide comprehensive service care.

By staying ahead of the competition, we give you the opportunity to integrate IT systems, thanks to which the ordering process is automatic and does not require additional staff. Our partners also receive from us access to an extensive database of graphic materials, assembly instructions and current price lists. We use the latest generation of software, so that cooperation runs smoothly.

Express delivery

Express delivery time is a priority for us, so we have made it one of the main pillars of our cooperation. We value your time, so using our constantly expanding fleet of trucks and vans, we deliver products ordered online quickly and safely. We update the schedule of planned deliveries on an ongoing basis so that you can track the status of your order every day and assess the progress of its execution.

An efficient logistics system and advanced distribution system based on a network of own warehouses located all over Europe makes most of the goods available almost immediately. Also, the stock maintained at an optimal level makes the most frequently chosen products by our business partners available for you almost immediately.